PALAMEDES: A Journal of ancient history

The fora where, within the frames of cultural history broadly defined, ancient historians, classical philologists, archaeologists, jurists, and epigraphists—in a word all those who study Greek and Roman antiquity in its material, linguistic, or intellectual manifestations—can meet with their Orientalist and Egyptological, counterparts are still extremely rare. Palamedes seeks to provide such a forum.

Publishing in English, French, German, and Italian, Palamedes seeks to showcase the work of the Polish scholarly community while at the same time offering an outlet for research among the international community of scholars. To that end, the editors invite contributions in the fields of Greek and Roman antiquity and Near Eastern civilizations.

In many ways, the tutelary patron we have chosen for this new enterprise is therefore appropriate. Palamedes, a civilizing hero and a cultural inventor, but also a middleman of a sort and a go-between in the Greco-Trojan conflict, seems to symbolize our plans and ambitions adequately—if only as a figure of the deplorable consequences of the lack of communication between those different “camps” we aim to bring together.

Hence, Palamedes warmly welcomes contributors specializing in various disciplines of our broadly defined field, sharing the same eagerness to explore ancient cultures and histories and to apply an interdisciplinary approach in their studies of classical and Near Eastern civilizations.

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Vol. 11, 2016

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Languages: English, French, German, Italian


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Piotr Berdowski

  (University of Rzeszów)

Łukasz Niesiołowski-Spanò

  (University of Warsaw)

Krystyna Stebnicka

  (University of Warsaw)

Marek Wecowski

  (University of Warsaw)

Aleksander Wolicki

  (University of Warsaw)



Benedetto Bravo

  (emeritus, University of Warsaw)

Juliusz Domanski

  (emeritus, University of Warsaw)

Jerzy Kolendo

  (emeritus, University of Warsaw)

Włodzimierz Lengauer

  (University of Warsaw)

Jerzy Linderski

  (emeritus, University of North

  Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Ewa Wipszycka

  (emerita, University of Warsaw)

Stefan Zawadzki

  (Adam Mickiewicz University in


Adam Ziółkowski

  (University of Warsaw)



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University of Warsaw

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00-927 Warsaw, Poland



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