material & visual culture of ancient Egypt

This series focuses on all aspects of the material and visual culture in ancient Egypt. It provides a forum for contemporary approaches to issues pertaining to art history and materiality in Egyptian antiquity.


The series especially encourages the submission of book-length monographs, however, essay collections, including Festschrifts, are also welcome, as are revised dissertations. For opportunities for publishing excavation reports, please contact


Proposals may be sent to the series editors Joshua Roberson and Christina Geisen. Proposal guidelines are available here.

No. 1: Joyful in Thebes: Egyptological Studies in Honor of Betsy Bryan

Edited by Richard Jasnow and Kara M. Cooney

August 2015 | $110.00 | Hardcover




No. 2: Illuminating Osiris: Egyptological Studies in Honor of Mark Smith

Edited by Richard Jasnow and Ghislaine Widmer

November 2016 | $110.00 | Hardcover




No. 3: The Demotic Graffiti from the Temple of Isis on Philae Island

By Eugene Cruz-Uribe

February 2016 | $99.00 | Hardcover




No. 4: Collections at Risk: New Challenges in a New Environment

Edited by Claire Derriks

February 2017 | $49.95 | Paperback




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