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The Demotic and Hieratic Papyri in the Suzuki Collection of Tokai University, Japan

Richard Jasnow, J. G. Manning, Kyoko Yamahana, and Myriam Krutzsch



September 2016

Paperback, Ebook (pdf)



Sībawayhi’s Principles: Arabic Grammar and Law in Early Islamic Thought

Michael G. Carter

Islamic and Arabic Studies


Resources in Arabic and Islamic Studies 5, November 2016

Paperback, Ebook (pdf)


Collections at Risk: New Challenges in a New Environment

Claire Derriks, editor

Egyptology and Archaeology


December 2016



Naga ed-Deir in the First Intermediate Period

Edward Brovarski

Egyptology and Archaeology


April 2017




Social Life under the Abbasids

Muhammad Manazir Ahsan

Islamic and Arabic Studies


November 2016




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